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Our Guarantee

With two and a half decades in business,  our experienced  team has the know-how to ensure your satisfaction from beginning to end.  Our sales team will meet you to assess your needs and give you the most competitive prices possible.  Our office staff will call to schedule your cleaning and follow up afterwards and our Operations Supervisor and his field  team will make sure that your job is done right.  Our teams will be uniformed, dedicated, and polite, and they will not stop until you are completely satisfied.

This is my guarantee to you.
Amy Diehl, Owner


  1. Full-Time Office Staff:
    Awnclean has a full time office staff here to help if you have any questions, requests, or concerns. A quick response time to your needs is our top priority.
  2. Computerized Billing and Records:
    All records and billing at Awnclean are fully computerized and tracked. Any questions you may have about your account or past work, are immediately available for review.
  3. Multiple Sets of Trained Crews:
    We have multiple sets of highly trained crews and maintain a large inventory of cleaning equipment so our crews are always fully operational when you need them. Our teams work daytime, nighttime and weekend shifts because we know the every client has different optimal work time requirements for their property. Multiple teams also mean that we can get your jobs done faster with less impact to your operations. All of our Crew and Crew Chiefs are full time employees who are hired and trained by us.
  4. Latest Technology Equipment and Full Time Operations Staff to keep it running smoothly:
    Awnclean continually invests in new equipment and technology to make sure you are getting the latest, best innovations in the industry. All of this means a better quality job. Awnclean is always searching for the better, safer way to get the job done and we are willing to make the investment this requires.
  5. Advanced Scheduling:
    Awnclean’s scheduling coordinator will call you prior to your work being performed and upon request, can provide you with monthly and yearly calendars. This means that you are informed in advance when our crews can be expected and you can track the work.
  6. Quality Control:
    We continually check our crews to insure that all work remains top quality. On-going training, monthly safety meetings, and regular job follow-up keeps our crews keenly aware of the importance of doing the job safely and doing the job right.
  7. Proper Inventory:
    Every job is different so each work trailer carries a full line of cleaning job appropriate cleaning chemicals, sealers and equipment. This is essential for performing a top quality cleaning job every time.
  8. Complete Insurance Coverage:
    Awnclean understands the importance of making sure a contractor carries proper insurance before you allow them on your property. We carry $2,000,000.00 of General Liability coverage plus a million umbrella coverage, $1,000,000.00 Automobile Liability coverage and all employees are fully covered by Worker’s Compensation.
  9. Experience:
    Awnclean has been in business since 1989. This means we have the right teams, the right equipment and know the right cleaners to use. Most importantly, we have knowledgeable crews who have the experience and expertise to make sure your job is done right.
  10. We Stand Behind Our Work:
    If you are ever not fully satisfied with our services; we want to know about it. We will inspect the work and if it can be improved, we will send a team to re-do it. If the staining is permanent, we will follow up with you to make sure you understand the work done, how we addressed the problems and if needed, do a sample for you so you can see for yourself. This is rarely an issue because most problems can be identified prior to cleaning but on occasion permanent staining is found on project and we will pull out all the stops to address it.