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    Power Washing
    Pressure Washing and Gum Removal

    For your pressure cleaning needs, Awnclean U.S.A uses top-of-the-line, pressure cleaning equipment and heavy duty cleaners to professionally clean your property.

    Awnclean USA Offers:

    • All surfaces are pre-treated with cleaners and algaecides to enhance the level of cleanliness and kill mildew spores.
    • Multiple 3000 and 3500 psi Pressure Washers on every trailer
    • Hot Water burners on every trailer
    • Hover cover surface cleaners on every trailer for wide, even cleaning without streaks or stripes
    • Complete Gum Removal (see also GumZap gum removal)
    • 19″ Surface Cleaners for wide, even cleaning and reduced water usage
    • Job performed include Buildings, Sidewalks, Pavers, Pool Decks, Parking Garages and much more

    Roof Cleaning
    Shingle, Tile, Flat, Membrane

    Awnclean offers roof cleaning service to commercial and residential customers throughout the state. Our Soft Wash process means no pressure is used which can damage your roof surfaces. A no-chemical, green process is available for concrete or barrel tile roofs upon request.

    • Our soft wash process means we will pretreat your roofs with an algaecide treatment, followed by a gentle rinse to remove debris build up.
    • We clean roofs of asphalt shingle, terra cotta and concrete tile, standing seam metal, vinyl membrane, and more.
    • All team members working on roofs are experienced, full time employees with extensive experience working on roofs
    • All proper safety precautions are taken to properly, safely clean your roofs
    • All plants will be deeply watered in to protect them and certain garden areas will be covered if required for full protection
    • Cleaning your roofs removes destructive mildew, dirt, air pollution, tree debris and other contaminants that can age your roof surfaces and cause ugly discoloration.
    • Awnclean can clean your roofs on single or multiple story buildings
    • Awnclean is approved by many national manufacturers to clean their products

    Awning & Canopy Cleaning

    First impressions are everything. Whether you put up awnings on your property to make a great first impression to your customers or to provide shade, signage or architectural interest, what they look like counts. Your awnings will be hand cleaned and sealed to protect the beauty of your awnings and extend the longevity of the fabric or vinyl. Awnings are a large investment in your property and regular maintenance will maintain their beauty while significantly extending the lifespan of the material.:

    • All surfaces are pre-treated with cleaners and algaecides inside and out to enhance the level of cleanliness, and kill mildew spores. The undersides and grates or mesh will be soaped and rinsed to remove bugs, webs, dirt, and debris.
    • Awnings will be hand cleaned with manufacturer approved cleaners and sealed with approved vinyl or fabric sealers depending upon the surface being cleaned.
    • Back-lit awnings will be pre-tested to determine the compatibility of the material to the cleaners prior to cleaning
    • Cleaning your awnings removes destructive mildew, dirt, air pollution, tree debris and other contaminants that can age your awnings and sully their beauty.
    • Sealing your awnings enhances water repellency for fabrics, creates a protective barrier against contaminants, and offers UV protection to reduce sun damage.
    • Awnclean can clean your awnings on multiple story buildings, ground floor and indoor spaces.

    Sealer Treatments
    Concrete & Paver

    Concrete surfaces are very porous and can easily stain from spills, food oils, gum, rubber tires and much more. Pressure Cleaning is the best way to get these surfaces clean but prevention of future staining is not addressed. That is where sealers come into the picture.

    There are many different kinds of sealers and we will help you find one that best fits the type of surface you want sealed. Awnclean’s most frequently used process includes application of a penetrating sealer designed especially for concrete. This sealer is specifically designed to repel water for reduced slippage, moisture damage and mildew growth.  And, especially important, it also has a stain repellent treatment to help reduce staining and gum adhesion. This penetrating sealer is designed specifically for exterior, high traffic areas.


    • Repels staining agents such as ketchup, coffee and soda
    • Makes gum removal much easier
    • Repels oils which allows time for them to be removed before staining can occur
    • Repels water which greatly reduces mildew growth so concrete stays cleaner longer
    • Will not change the appearance or the slip co-efficiency of the concrete
    • Reduced water / liquid penetration which protects concrete over the long term
    • Reduces required frequency of heavy cleaning
    • Reduces labor and chemicals required for cleaning
    • Chemically bonds with the concrete when applied (as opposed to coating it) for a true seal
    • Is used by major Theme Parks for protection of their concrete

    Tile and Grout
    Cleaning and Restoration

    Floor tiles and grout can get dingy and discolored over time despite regular in-house maintenance. When that happens, a deep clean and sealer treatment is the solution you are looking for.
    Awnclean will deep clean your floors with a unique chemical pre-treatment to loosen dirt, grease and other contaminants,  followed by an enclosed, high pressure water spray and vacuum system which deep cleans while removing the soiled water. Once dry, the grout is treated with a protective sealer to seal the pores and enhance overall longevity of the cleaning.
    It is especially important to sanitize your kitchens, locker rooms and bathrooms. Grout is porous and can absorb moisture, bacteria, mold, and contaminants. It  needs to be deep cleaned periodically to sanitize the area and create a fresh, clean appearance.

    Benefits include:

    • Provides a fresh, clean appearance
    • Removes of bacteria and mold spores
    • Eliminates of unsanitary contaminants
    • Removes unpleasant odors
    • Removes dingy discoloration and cruddy build-up
    • Brightens the look of the entire room
    • Sealing extends the longevity of cleanliness and improves ease of future cleanings

    Ceiling Tile Cleaning

    Did you know that ceiling tiles can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with minimum impact to your business?  Like carpets and drapes, your acoustical ceiling tiles collect bacteria, mildew spore, dirt, oils and other contaminants on the grids, on the surface, and in the pockets. In kitchens and food service locations, your vinyl coated tiles and grids also collect greasy oils and food particles which discolor the surface.

    Awnclean hand cleans acoustical ceiling tiles, vents and lighting using a specialized, enzyme based ceiling tile cleaning process. Our cleaning compound improves appearance, eliminates odor, increases light reflection and life span of the material, and restores fire rating and acoustical values. This process also removes nicotine, soot, smoke, mildew, cooking grease and dirt films. All vents and lighting are hand wiped down to remove grease, dust and bugs. Our compound is OSHA approved for use around food products..
    Benefits include:

    • Provides a fresh, clean appearance
    • Removes dingy discoloration and cruddy build-up
    • Removes greasy yellow residue from cooking and baking processes
    • Removes of bacteria and mold spores
    • Eliminates unsanitary contaminants
    • Removes unpleasant odors
    • Brightens the look of the entire room

    Window Cleaning

    Awnclean offers multiple options for exterior window cleaning. For budget cleaning in conjunction with building pressure cleaning, we offer a soap and pressure rinse process followed by a spot- free rinse for your windows and frames. For exclusively window cleaning projects, our crews soap the exterior windows and frames using a system in which we lightly apply green cleaners, scrub the window thoroughly, and then squeegee to remove residue and debris for a sparkling finish. We will also wipe dry the adjacent frames and mullions.
    Conditions such as hard water stains, lime, rust, efflorescence, paint, caulk, or other similar adhesive types of debris may not wash off using standard cleaning methods and can be addressed as restoration clean projects.

    Rafter Cleaning
    Gymnasium, Retail and Warehouse

    In a best case scenario, nobody notices how dirty the rafters of a facility are until clods of dust start falling on their heads. However in most cases, people notice how dingy the rafters and AC pipes have become but they don’t know what to do about it.  Awnclean can help. We have cleaned the ceiling and rafter space of school gymnasiums, retail locations, loading docks, and industrial warehouses all over Florida.
    Awnclean will hand wipe, dust and vacuum your walls, the I & H beams, lighting and rafters, AC units and ducts, vents and  more. For gymnasiums we also clean the basketball hoops & pipes, top surface of the bleachers, acoustical panels, and scoreboards.  This work is performed from scissors lifts with plywood panels put down to protect the flooring.

    Benefits include:

    • Provides a fresh, clean appearance
    • Removes dust balls, bugs and webs
    • Removes dingy discoloration and cruddy build-up on lighting
    • Removes greasy yellow residue and black dust build up on AC ducts and rafters
    • Removes bacteria and mold spores
    • Brightens the look of the entire space

    Water tank, GST, and Aerator Cleaning

    Awnclean provides pressure cleaning services for several Florida counties for their Water Tanks, Aerators and Ground Storage Tanks. Our trained teams clean exterior tank walls and aerators as well as interior tank walls, baffle walls, and floor surfaces. We also provide specialty cleaning with sand and muck removal as necessary. Our water tank teams are confined space certified and we carry the proper air quality testing equipment required for safe access to water tanks once they have been emptied.
    Awnclean offers regular, contracted cleaning programs to keep your tanks clean, safe and compliant.

    Kitchen Hood Cleaning
    Full Kitchen Detailing

    Make your kitchen sparkle and make your chefs happy! Awnclean can provide you with a full kitchen detail from top to bottom including ceiling tiles, tile walls and floors, stainless steel appliances, hoods and more.

The walls and all ceiling tiles, light fixtures, ac vents and grids of the kitchen can be cleaned using a sanitizing enzyme treatment to deep clean the tiles, grids, light covers, and vents as well as the wall surfaces to remove greasy dirt, dust, oils and bacteria. This treatment is OSHA approved for use in food preparation areas.

Awnclean can clean the interior hoods, filters, ducts and vents of your kitchen cooking equipment. The exterior surfaces of the stainless hoods plus the stainless back walls, racks and prep tables would be cleaned and then finished with stainless steel polish..
Awnclean will deep clean your tile floors with a heavy degreaser pre-treatment, hand scrubbing of grout lines, and  deep cleaning with our hot water  tile and grout cleaning system. Once dry, a penetrating sealer can be applied to reduce staining, repel moisture and help make future on-going clean-up easier.

    Parking Garage Cleaning