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Community Service

Awnclean feels that it is important to give back to the communities we serve.  In 2012, we donated our services to several worthy organizations.

An Awnclean contingent turned out to pressure wash the building walls and sidewalks of the Women’s Crisis Center Tampa Bay in conjunction with the Tampa Bay Lightning Foundation.

Additionally, as part of the CFHLA Allied Council, Awnclean teams pressure washed all the front sidewalks at Lockhart Elementary School, a public school in Orlando which serves a high percentage of disadvantaged families.

Just prior to the 2012 Christmas holidays, our teams pressure washed all the sidewalks and playground equipment of The Coalition for Women in Orlando as part of the CFHLA Engineer’s Council support network.

And, for many years, we have supported Academy Prep in Ybor City and The Florida Aquarium as well.

At Awnclean we are honored to be able to share our expertise with those in need and we look forward to doing so again in 2013.