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Water Reclamation and Power Washing


“Power Washing Technology that cleans Better, is Greener, and Saves you money.”   One of the most ADVANCED methods of Power Washing technology today is THE WATER RECLAMATION CLEANING PROCESS. As an industry leader, Awnclean now gives you the option of using the latest advancement in water reclamation to your large flatwork cleaning projects. Our advanced [Read More…]

Planning Ahead for School Cleaning


        PLANNING AHEAD FOR K-12 SCHOOLS & COLLEGES   “VACATION CLEANING PROJECTS”   It is not too soon to start planning ahead for your cleaning projects that need to be done over the up-coming holiday breaks. As you have experienced, it can be difficult if not impossible to perform some cleaning projects [Read More…]

Newsletter: Budgets, November 2013


            Budgets, Budgets, Budgets While some may see cleaning as an expense, smart planners understand that having a “cleaning and preventive maintenance plan” extends the life of your assets. Whether you are trying to finalize your budget planning for 2014 or figuring out what projects you can fit into 2013 [Read More…]

Newsletter: Mold, September 2013


Mold Keeps Coming Back! Unsightly black blemishes on your walls, destructive black fungus on your awnings, and slippery grey mildew on your sidewalks all distract from the look of your property and potentially reduce the lifespan of your materials. Awnclean works with you on a customized cleaning program that fits your budget and time table [Read More…]

Newsletter Dec. 2012


Looking back on 2012 – A year of giving…. Awnclean feels that it is important to give back to the communities we serve.  In 2012, we donated our services to several worthy organizations. An Awnclean contingent turned out to pressure wash the building walls and sidewalks of the Women’s Crisis Center Tampa Bay in conjunction [Read More…]