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Newsletter: Budgets, November 2013







Budgets, Budgets, Budgets

While some may see cleaning as an expense, smart planners understand that having a “cleaning and preventive maintenance plan” extends the life of your assets.

Whether you are trying to finalize your budget planning for 2014 or figuring out what projects you can fit into 2013 with that last bit you have left over, Awnclean can help you out….

If there are cleaning projects you would like to do in 2014, big or small, but have no sense of the cost you need to budget fAwning Cleaning in Progress Fabricor, we can help.  Or, if you have money left over in your current budget that you would like to spend to complete a long overdue project before the end of the year, we can help there too. Show us your property and we’ll put together a plan that improves its appearance and extend the life of your assets.  We are happy to send someone to your location to give you pricing you can rely on.

From pressure cleaning of building walls, sidewalks and parking garages, to cleaning of roofs, porte-cocheres, awnings, windows and more, our services will make your property sparkle and last longer!

We are here to help you.

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