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Water Reclamation and Power Washing


“Power Washing Technology that cleans Better,

is Greener, and Saves you money.”  

One of the most ADVANCED methods of Power Washing technology today is THE WATER RECLAMATION CLEANING PROCESS. As an industry leader, Awnclean now gives you the option of using the latest advancement in water reclamation to your large flatwork cleaning projects. Our advanced power washing technology cleans better, greener, and Saves you water and money.


Awnclean’s Water Reclamation and Filtration System uses a combination with hot water pressure cleaning, degreasing and water reclaim to provide superior results. Here’s why:


The Benefits of our Water Reclaim System:


  1. Effective – Results in a deep cleaning with excellent reduction in stains.
  2. Green – up to 80% reduction in water usage resulting a great savings of both money and water and benefits the environment.
  3. Fast – Our system gets us in and out faster. This means less impact to your customers.
  4. Solves Drainage issues – Stops pooling water and reduces dry time. If you have poor drainage at your facility; our system is ideal for you. Your project will quickly dry with minimal pooling water in significantly less time.
  5. Efficient – Our process allows us to work more efficiently.  For example we can take on multi-level garages without fear of leaking water onto guests cars below.


Let’s spend a moment on the important benefit of Water Reclamation: Less Water! Awnclean’s process captures and reuses approximately 80% of all wash water. Our system captures, filters and reuses the wash water thus reducing or eliminating dirty water from entering the drainage system. This system is particularly effective for large areas of flat cleaning like parking garages, warehouses, convention halls, shopping centers and more. (We would use more traditional methods for vertical walls which don’t allow for easy capture of the water).

Let us show you how our new technology will help you reach your sustainability goals and bring superior results at a reasonable cost to your next project. Call us at 813-258-9344 for a free estimate.