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Planning Ahead for School Cleaning









It is not too soon to start planning ahead for your cleaning projects that need to be done over the up-coming holiday breaks. As you have experienced, it can be difficult if not impossible to perform some cleaning projects when Students and Staff are on-site. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks are excellent times to get this work done.

Now is the time to plan these projects and get them quoted, approved and scheduled. These windows of opportunity are short and many people want to take advantage of them. Don’t miss out.

Call us now to plan your project and reserve your spot while we have openings.

Our services for schools and colleges include:

  • Roof cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning buildings and sidewalks
  • Gum Removal
  • Awning and Canopy Cleaning
  • Gymnasium Rafter Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Hood Cleaning
  • Specialty cleaning projects and more.

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